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Hours: Mon-Fri 7:30am-5pm   Emergency Services Available 24/7  »  Lebanon Equine Clinic   1200 Oregonia Road   Lebanon, OH 45036   (513) 932-4181, ext. 2

Equine Veterinary Care Services by Lebanon Equine Clinic

Diagnostic and Therapeutic Services

Our hospital and ambulatory units are equipped to provide complete services for your horse's health care needs. Listed below are some of the more commonly performed procedures & services.

Surgical Services

Our well equipped surgical suite allows us to provide a wide variety of orthopedic & soft tissue surgeries as well as podiatry procedures on site.

Lameness Diagnosis & Treatment

Our veterinarians use the latest equipment and medicine to diagnose and treat your horse's lameness problems. Our cutting edge technologies include:


We offer ambulatory and in-house reproductive services. In house services are recommended for more involved procedures such as embryo transfer and for clients who live longer distances from the clinic.

Internal Medicine

With the opening of our new facility and state of the art equipment our experienced and compassionate veterinary staff are able to provide exciting advancements in treatment options. We are fully equipped to admit a wide range of medical cases that require 24 hour monitoring and care. Our in house lab enables us to immediately evaluate the status of our patients. This is particularly helpful for medical colics requiring IV fluid therapy, isolation diarrhea cases, neonatal treatment and much more. Ambulatory medical services are always available as well.


Traditional Chinese Medicine is a complementary form of medicine which is used in conjunction with conventional veterinary medicine. Acupuncture is used as a diagnostic tool as well as a form of alternative medicine used to treat a wide variety of illness and health conditions. Dr. Jamie Klements is certified in Veterinary Medical Acupuncture. Appointments for acupuncture may be scheduled by contacting Dr. Klements.


Our Wellness Programs are designed to keep your horse happy and healthy. Many viral, bacterial and parasitic diseases can be prevented through proper vaccination and worming. Our knowledgeable veterinary staff will design a preventive medicine program for your horses based on their exposure to these diseases.